Fredrik Lyreskog

Fredrik Lyreskog

Product Owner at Swedbank Labs ★ Agile Process Pragmatist ★ Ironman Triathlete ★ Growth & Content Marketing Advisor

As digital transformation disrupts industries using a foundation of seamless customer interfaces and advanced backend technologies, business success will depend on acting with courage and speed to reinvent and pursue modern digital products.

My name is Fredrik Lyreskog, and I help organizations through that transformation.

Truly, few have travelled this panorama like me. With 10+ years of professional experience in Media, Marketing, and Tech, I have attained widely diversified skills across industry and function.

I began my career in the Media industry as it radically transformed into an online-first arms race. Moved on to Content Marketing in a time where social media and value-adding marketing exploded. Continued with Agile Project Management at one of Europe's leading Digital Agencies as apps and smart software completely changed the digital landscape. Today I work as Product Owner at Swedbank Labs – the digital transformation unit for Sweden's largest bank.

Since work occupies a great deal of my life, I focus on doing great work.

► I’m a Product Owner for multi-bank compliant digital solutions, generating growth & revenue to Swedbank and 58 savings banks
► I have been Production Manager & Proxy Product Owner for the "Top 10 Best in the World”-intranet that we at Creuna built for the Swedish Parliament
► Have led cross-functional agile teams of 10-20 specialists to successful, KPI-anchored, web services for multi billion corporations such as Arla, Assa Abloy, Electrolux, Alecta, and Sweco
► Worked with Project Management and marketing activities for clients such as Carlsberg, Google, Metro, City of Stockholm, TopGear, Unibet, L'Oréal Paris, Point Verifone and more
► Co-started the award-winning Content Marketing agency Uppdragsmedia in 2010
► Researched, authored and published 2 e-books, and 200+ articles on Growth Hacking, Digital Marketing and Business
► Dedicated Mentor, coaching by being a good listener, and asking the right questions

I’m on LinkedIn to build a network of other committed professionals who share my values. Feel free to connect on LinkedIn or email at