Work stuff

  • june 2018 - now

    Product OwnerRedeye

    "Research-Powered Investment Banking"

    At Redeye, we believe the biggest innovations in the 21st century will be at the intersection of life sciences and technology. And the Nordic countries will be a hot spot for it.

    ◉ Building digital products to match companies with the right investors in order to accelerate their mutual growth

    ◉ Build and maintain a strong investor base by smart profiling
    ◉ Create the preferred platform around a wise selection of rated companies
    ◉ Cultivate a client focused environment by a superior operations strategy

    ◉ Creating a better tomorrow by helping innovative Nordic life science and technology companies access capital and build a strong ownership

    Product Owner role and expectations:

    ► Responsible for managing product development, gathering insights, needs and ideas
    ► Develop roadmaps and product goals
    ► Lead the process from insights to concept development to implementation
    ► Responsibility for the products delivering according to plan, having a clear product vision and plan ahead
    ► Creating and running the product backlog
    ► Leading cross-functional teams
    ► Leverage agile methods
    ► Utilising tools for digital product development
    ► Drive arguments based on data
    ► Transform insights, strategies and concepts to concrete assignments and projects

    Additional achievements:

    ✔ Continuous coaching the product group (~10 people) in Product Ownership
    ✔ Drive the agile methodology within the Digital Platforms unit
    ✔ Change agile management system from Trello to Jira, incl. configuration, adaption, and coaching users

  • june 2018 - now

    FounderNingor Tech & Investments

    "Building & Investing in Thriving Tech"

    Ningor Tech & Investments is designed as a Builder-Investor hybrid, combining development of digital tools and platforms, with investments in technology companies in order to reduce risk and gain reward.


  • july 2016 - june 2018

    Product Owner & Business AnalystSwedbank Labs

    Swedbank is a modern bank rooted in Swedish savings bank history. With 7,2 million private customers and more than 600 000 corporate customers, Swedbank is the largest bank in Sweden and have a leading position in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

    At Swedbank Labs, we played an essential part in the digital transformation of the bank. We were responsible for managing, driving, and ensuring deliveries of all channel projects involving IT development, from pre-study to end of implementation and launch to customers.

    What we did at Swedbank Labs:

    ✔ Swedbank Labs was a multi-bank guerrilla business unit within the banking group
    ✔ Our mission was to drive innovation, development and maintenance of digital products, channels and tools
    ✔ Every product we carried out was multi-bank compliant – serving not only Swedbank, but also 58 Swedish savings banks

    Product Owner responsibilities:

    ► Ensuring customer value is in focus during development
    ► Responsible for ensuring functionality/product is kept within decided product vision
    ► Ensuring that the backlog items that affect business case and value realization are highly prioritized
    ► Responsible for detailing requirements, and ensure they have the correct level of detail, this includes delegating to and following up these tasks from non-"Digital Banking" specialists
    ► Responsible for that requirements is documented according to bank processes
    ► Operative coordination with other Business Unit’s backlogs (for example Group Product Backlogs)
    ► Support launch activities
    ► Communicating the common goal and clearly expressing Product Backlog items
    ► Communicate with non-"Digital Banking" specialists, customers and users in order to gather input to the product backlog
    ► Communicating the opportunity vision

    Additional achievements:

    ✔ Drove the agile methodology within my teams
    ✔ Took lead (was the first team in the bank) of the change of agile management system from custom built issue tracker to Jira, coaching users

  • 2007 - june 2018

    Independent AdvisorHiLyr Opportunities

    Within the scope of HiLyr Opportunities, I built, tested and marketed digital tools and services on my spare time.

    Earlier, I was also selling hours as an independent advisor within digitalization. A few example of projects I worked with:

    ► Editorializer for Google Sweden
    During 2011-2012, I was a contributing writer in the field of digital marketing and business for Google Sweden’s Ditt Företag Online project. With this initiative, we helped small Swedish businesses to grow and become successful on the web by creating their own digital platforms, get started with Content Marketing, and convert traffic into profitable business.

    ► PR Advisor for Mensa Sweden
    Member of Mensa Sweden's PR Board for 1,5 year (2011 – june 2012). I've always been interested in human intelligence, meet new people and expanding my network. I felt honored to serve Mensa Sweden with PR strategic guidance.

  • sept 2012 - july 2016

    Project Manager & Product OwnerCreuna

    Creuna is the leading digital agency in the Nordics, ranked one of the top five "full service digital agencies"​ in Europe by Forrester Research.

    I started off in a marketing and consumer branding oriented team, and quickly expanded my work field into agile web development projects.

    During my 4 years, my team went from a fragmented group of individuals to a top-performing team with a pioneering process, while Creuna went from being strained to beat all-time-high over and over again.

    Product Owner role:

    ► Primary client contact
    ► Catch and keep track of client needs and requirements
    ► User story prioritization
    ► Steer and guide the client
    ► Team motivator
    ► Responsible for the product backlog, product roadmap, product vision
    ► Operate closely to the client’s core business
    ► Document meetings & decisions, follow-ups
    ► Expectation management
    ► Scope management
    ► Crisis management and risk management
    ► Represent the client/stakeholder
    ► Working with the planning; future projects, staffing, pipeline, timing
    ► Keeping track of budget, invoicing
    ► Work actively with profitability
    ► Ultimately responsible for the project/delivery
    ► Responsible for contracts being followed
    ► New business

    Additional achievements:

    ✔ Our team took the initiative to step up agile processes, incl establish the agency-client-friendly role Proxy Product Owner
    ✔ Drove the agile methodology within the agency, incl presentations & workshops
    ✔ Took initiative to change agile management system from Redmine to Jira. After successful implementation and user coaching, the whole agency of 150+ consultants followed suit
    ✔ Took a role as a mentor, coaching a less seasoned project manager for 2 years

    Alecta, Arla Foods, Assa Abloy, Electrolux, Fastighetsbyrån, Huddinge Kommun, Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, L'Oréal Paris, Point Verifone, Stockholm Business Region, Stockholms Stad, Sveriges Riksdag (Swedish Parliament), Sweco Group, SCA

  • 2010 - aug 2012

    Digital Strategist & Designer, Content Marketing ConsultantUppdragsmedia

    Co-started the Content Marketing agency Uppdragsmedia together with two fellows, building this media product business from zero to an award-winning agency with 15 employees and annual revenue of 10+ Million SEK.
    With extensive experience in editorial products and processes, we specialized in building digital media products, creating Content Marketing strategies, and implementing online marketing tactics, in order to build brands, generate revenue, and maximize our client's growth.

    As Digital Strategist & Designer, I lead UX and Art Direction projects targeting markets with various demographics, managed client dialogue and go-to-person for advise, implemented and maintained all content hubs, played key role in all site launches and a majority of our Content Marketing activities.

    What we achieved:

    ✔ Created a pioneering production process – Created and distributed Sweden's first crowdsourced magazine ("Intangible Artifacts") in 2010
    ✔ Built a proprietary Content Hub framework, streamlining platform rollout
    ✔ Creative content production – In-depth Articles, Photo, Video, Infographics and Social Media Content
    ✔ Created award-winning multi-channel design and user experience
    ✔ Grew from 3 founding individuals to a tight, high-preforming agency of 15 committed experts

    My key responsibilities:

    ► Leading digital productions - From planning stage to launch
    ► Responsible for leveraging web communications & publishing opportunities – Completed numerous projects involving social media relations, content production, and SEO implementations to increase traffic and drive business growth
    ► Market intelligence & Knowledge/Competence training for internal staff
    ► Leading and crafting concepts, design and user experience
    ► Managing tech support & maintenance, ongoing development, various SEO implementations, and web analytics

    Carlsberg, TopGear, Unibet, Metro, Fastighetsnytt, TMF, Stena Match Cup Sweden, Dagens Samhälle, TT-Gruppen (Nyhetsbyrån TT, Scanpix, Retriever, TT Spektra, Svenska Grafikbyrån, TT Monitor)

  • 2009

    Journalist, EditorExpressen

    Expressen is the second largest newspaper in Sweden and has a hungry underdog position. Durning my time on Expressen, we picked up great speed and conquered out the market leader Aftonbladet for the critical weekend editions. My field of responsibility included news and feature design, editorial considerations, subediting and assisting the newsroom editors.

  • 2008

    Journalist, EditorAftonbladet

    Aftonbladet is the largest newspaper in the Nordic, and was a great springboard for my career. Working together with many of the most talented and respected journalists and senior editors in Sweden was a great pleasure, source of inspiration and above all a great gain of knowledge and experience. My responsibilities was designing news and feature pages, supplements, and occasionally placards. Daily challenges also included editorial considerations, subediting and assist the newsroom editors.

  • 2006 - 2007

    Press PhotographerGefle Dagblad

    In ambition to broaden my insights in media product development, I worked extra as a news & feature photographer. I've always been interested in the visual parts of editorial products, and learning how to tell great stories with images was really an eye opener at this stage of my career.

  • 2005 - 2007

    Journalist, EditorGefle Dagblad

    I worked two and a half year at the local newspaper Gefle Dagblad. My responsibilities was designing the news section as well as the daily feature supplement. Other everyday challenges included editorial considerations, subediting and assist the newsroom editor.

  • 2006

    Marketing ConsultantReconcilia

    We created cost effective communication for small businesses, including visual design, event marketing, promotion materials, photography and content marketing.